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The Crystal Throne Series

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Unravelling - Book 2

On Oherra, things are falling apart.

After the battle of Occa, Winn and Graydon are left with a charred ruin of a city; their every move hampered by Rogan’s evil magic.

In Edika, the full weight of Arleth’s near death experience becomes too much for her to bear. Stuck between her escalating fears and Samara’s brusque attitude, she must draw on her own inner strength to survive her training.

Selene undergoes her own struggle when she realizes the battle of Occa may have changed her permanently, in ways that both chill her to her core and make her question her very existence.

In Bronton, Aedan and Val are met with resistance when they find a city in devastation. They must figure out what is wrong with Kalshek and how to make him care before it is too late.

And all the while the Ranin are growing, fuelled by Rogan’s insatiable bloodlust. They count down the days until they emerge.

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Durham-based, Canadian Female Author

Meet the author

Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. From an early age, I had a crayon in one hand, an idea in my head, and a thirst to get it down onto paper. While I am no longer writing about evil plots involving oranges, my passion for the written word has never wavered. Although admittedly, now they are much more caffeine fuelled, because well, adulting. 

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