Hector the Destructor | Children's Humour

Hector the Destructor’s Messy Adventures

Even mud is intimidated by this little boy

Farm Animals

Hector the Destructor Goes to the Farm

Hector the Destructor loves making messes. When his parents take him to a farm, can he stay clean? Or will all the muddy animals prove too tempting?


Hector the Destructor Learns to Skate

Hector’s mom is taking him skating. One very messy boy meets slippery ice: what could possibly go wrong?










Hector the Destructor and the Birthday Party

It’s Hector’s best friend’s birthday and she is having a big party.  Hector tries his best, but will his messy ways ruin the party and their friendship? 









Hector the Destructor Goes Camping

Hector and his family go camping. Their normal campsite at Lake Laladingdong is all booked up, forcing them to go to Lake Blah. Hector is upset at first, but soon learns Lake Blah can be just as much fun, especially when he makes some unexpected furry friends.